kidd millennium & the Attention Economy!

May 21, 2009


Faced with information-overload and attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder, the kidd was beside himself this week trying to figure how to make transactions in the new Attention Economy. Based on swapping insights for followers on social network sites, the kidd needed to take his cause to a higher power. So after learning Oprah was booked, he begrudgingly settled for second best by landing an interview with the Almighty!

Now, all the kidd really wanted to know was how was he ever to get people to listen to him when they were constantly distracted by data be slung like Dominoes pizzas on a Saturday night. What the Lord told him was classified information, but seeing that you are all kidd fans, the word from ‘on-high’ can be shared here…

Apparently the Attention Economy is analogous to a feudal society, where social networks like Twitter act similar to medieval-like armies of "the followers and the followed." The value of one’s modern-day fiefdom is based on how many followers we have who are ready, willing and able to absorb our propaganda. In essence we grow our power base as digital feudal lords by winning the attention of an eclectic cadre of like-minded folk. In place of food and shelter provided in the days of feudalism, we exchange information for one’s loyalty in the Twitterverse! In essence, since all economies are based on securing scarce resources, the kidd learned that his "attention" came with a price tag! Who’d a thunk his words of wisdom were worth the time of day?

Thanking God for his savvy words of advice, the kidd was last seen securing stock in the Attention Economy, by attracting new tweeps to his Twitter crib. At the time of this posting, he was last seen holding court in a little fiefdom of 3357 followers and wants the world to know that he feels he has a much better shot at making some headway in the Attention Economy than he ever did with the current financial crisis! If you can spare some attention, won’t you join him for a little repartee and the occasional schadenfreude! After all, he’s just a tweet away!

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