Party of No vs. Party of Know

Kidd_Party of No vs Party of Know

Bipartisanship neatly tucked its head under its wing shortly after Obama took office this past January. For public display, a smattering of respect was extended to the newly elected president for his historical electoral victory. This decorum lasted for about a half a second, before the GOP realized where they had landed…smack dab in the middle of a powerless party, devoid of leadership! Less they breathe in any more of the rarified air that was wafting throughout the Capital, they collectively knew their only recourse was to retreat. But how was the Party of No going to disagree without appearing disagreeable?

As the Democrats struggle for answers, they are at least acting on potential quick-fix and long-range solutions. While time will tell if Obama’s recovery plan will hit the nail on the proverbial head, it’s the administration’s opinion that it is better to take action than continually wallow in negativity.

The Republicans on the other hand have borrowed a page out of former First Lady Nancy Reagan’s 1980’s playbook: Just Say No! Get use to it! In an attempt to begin the mighty Sisyphus task of rolling the power ball back up the Hill, they will continue to oppose for opposition sake!

Make no mistake: Republicans are pissed off and are acting out. The Party has decided that their road back from perdition is paved with defiant, unified contrarianism. However, being obstinate and petulant smacks of bravado, with no substance. Is the party still suffering from Bush-fatigue? Or has the GOP officially perished at the ripe old age of 154?  Like the Federalists, Whigs, Bull-Moosers, and Dixiecrats before them, will they fade into history? Or do they yet have an ace up their sleeve?

Could they be relying on their defacto distraction, the DittoMaster? Rush Limbaugh has not only saturated his airwaves with vitriol and venom, but he has not missed one mainstream news cycle in the last several weeks, and his blind faith followers, the “dittoheads” can’t get enough. His current rant is intimidating the president into a verbal duel, a radio debate!

Obama not dignifying the request with a reply continues to work on the pressing issues at hand, while the DittoMaster spends countless hours chanting his new mantra: “I hope he fails!”

So there you have it… Partisanship… alive and well in the Land of Lincoln. The GOP’s “no you can’t” versus the Dems “we know we can!” is a heck of a State of the Union!  Fasten your seatbelts America, it’s going to be long, bumpy ride!

(“Party of No GOP elephant” by John Sherffius inspired this cartoon)

4 Responses to Party of No vs. Party of Know

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  2. Blackfriday says:

    Do not confuse saying no, with not knowing. The conservative position necessarily says no to the progressive in an attempt to stay close to the principles that have driven this country to be the strongest and best in the world.

    Unfortunately, our conservatives have become mired in the “must . . get . . reelected” quagmire and have become more like the progressives.

    And do not paint all conservatives as “dittoheads.” Anyone, right or left, that pays any attention to that blowhard entertainer is not involved in politics but in the rhetoric of the lowest common denominator required to sell the goods offered in the advertisements on that show.

    Hopefully we conservatives do not fade away but return to our principles by leaving religion out of politics and acting as a counter to the progressives, who, while well meaning, wish to abandon all that has made this the only land of true opportunity in the world.

  3. Mindgame says:

    There’s no way Obama can succeed (in their minds). Hes been given a chisel and hammer and told to recreate David. Best he could hope to do is make a little progress.

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